Learn to drive in Ramsgate

Here are some reasons to choose us for your Driving Lessons.

We cover many area's across Kent and Thanet including Ramsgate

Your driving lessons will be arranged with you to accommodate your schedule. We recommend that students take between one and three hours training per week, in order to progress effectively. You can discuss the duration and frequency of your lessons with your local driving instructor, and arrange the lessons at a time that is convenient for you. This will enable you to reach test standard at your own pace, and successfully pass your driving test!

Ramsgate Special offer

First 5 hours £65 for total beginners

Call us now to book your lesson: 01227 910 500

My first time driving alone after I passed my test was a bit nerve racking as you become so used to having someone beside you. It included dual carraigeway aswell so I was cautious, but put everything I was taught into practise and it all just becomes habit. Getting used to knowing what other drivers might do was the hard part at first, and getting used to the new car after you've driven someone else's for so long. I wouldn't have fetl as confident if it wasn't for the help of my driving instructor. Thank you David.